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Reviews for Excess Baggage

As the publication date for Excess Baggage: One Family's Around-the-World Search for Balance nears, the reviews popping up in anticipation of the launch suggest this family travel memoir has the potential to be the next Eat, Pray, Love. Here are some excerpts from early reviewers.

"EXCESS BAGGAGE was one of those books I didn't know I needed to read until I did; it called to me, whispering in my ear, 'You need to read this.'"

"....reading about their adventures will also make you grow; it will shift your thinking and have you aching to jump a plane to whatever country that most calls. I laughed (a lot), I got tearful, I felt excited and terrified...seriously, EXCESS BAGGAGE hit on every emotion."

"The writing is fabulous and I was stunned to learn this is the author's first book."

"I expected that “Excess Baggage” would take me around the world. What I didn’t expect was the profound shift her experience would have in my own life. While I may not embark on an around-the-globe expedition myself, I truly felt I shared the adventure with her family."

"I didn’t want the journey to end as I was enlivened—sometimes laughing in hysterics and other times touched deeply by her vulnerability, relating to the rat race and yearning for more. Excess Baggage is entertaining and educating, but also healing and inspiring."

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