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New Online Photo Gallery

The new online photo gallery for Tracey Carisch's upcoming memoir, Excess Baggage, is an innovative approach to memoir storytelling. The first-time author decided to create a better way to share images with her readers. Tracey and her photographer husband, Brian, didn't want to diminish the beauty of the images captured during their family's 18-month around-the-world journey, so rather than include the typical small, black & white photos commonly provided in print books, Excess Baggage shares a web site where readers can access a series of photo galleries, one for each chapter of the book. In the coming months, some of these images will be available for purchase, with a large portion of the proceeds going to benefit the non-profit organizations the Carisches volunteered with during their journey. Follow the imagery of the Excess Baggage story at www.traceycarisch.com/photos.