The memoir of a frazzled working mom whose midlife crisis leads her family on a global, nomadic journey. Loaded with hilarious mishaps and insightful revelations, Excess Baggage chronicles the Carisch family’s extraordinary adventure across six continents.


Tracey Carisch thought she had it all. As a wife, mother, and successful executive, she seemed to be living the modern American dream. But one night, a panic attack sent her tumbling into an existential crisis and questioning everything about her life. That’s when she and her husband made a decision that shocked their family and friends: they sold everything they owned, pulled their three young daughters out of school, and became a family of wandering globetrotters. 

Loaded with hilarious mishaps as well as deeply meaningful revelations, Excess Baggage chronicles the Carisch family’s extraordinary, eighteen-month adventure across six continents. As they navigate the trials and tribulations of international travel, the family encounters unique people and bizarre situations that teach them about the world―and themselves. Carisch’s candid and insightful account of her family’s journey will have you laughing out loud, shedding a few tears, and bringing the lessons of family travel into your own life . . . without ever having to leave home.


Review the first 5 chapters of the book through a GoogleBooks pdf. Simply click on the "Preview This Book>>" link.

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