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Chattanooga TEDx

Tracey Carisch spoke at the Chattanooga TEDx event in February, focusing her talk on the lessons her family learned during their around-the-world journey. With a speech entitled "Recalibrating Modern Family Life", Tracey focused on three key areas which have changed dramatically for the Carisches since their return to the United States in the fall of 2015. For the first lesson, Tracey's reminded the audience to "collect stories instead of stuff" and discussed the value of life's rich experiences. Her second lesson defined the difference between happiness and success, noting that true happiness only comes in the present moment of life, not while waiting for an event which might make us happy in the future. Finally, a story about a little girl living on the streets of Bolivia served to exemplify Tracey's last important lesson, which she referred to as "seeing the water." The water, she says, are all those aspects of life we become so accustomed to that we don't acknowledge they're influencing everything in our reality. By seeing the water, Tracey says we can fully appreciate the advantages we might have been born into and empathy with our fellow man.

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