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Tracey Carisch is an award-winning author, professional speaker, and leadership consultant. Her facilitation style and strategic consulting services challenge teams to embrace change and turn conflict into opportunity. Her book, Excess Baggage, chronicles her family's around-the-world journey, in which they shed the stress of their busy, overscheduled life and found balanced focus through the lessons of international travel.   

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This funny, enlightening, and very candid travel memoir has readers laughing out loud and shedding a few tears as they vicariously live though the Carisch family's amazing nomadic adventure. Excess Baggage was a 2019 Benjamin Franklin Silver Medalist and a Finalist in the 2018 Best Books Awards.

Available anywhere books are sold.

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Readers will follow Tracey's memoir through the online photo galleries dedicated to each chapter. Click below to visit the Photos page and get a sneak peak of the imagery behind her story.


Happy childhood. College education. Great job, loving marriage, three kids, and a dog.
She was living the American Dream, yet Tracey realized one day that something was missing. So she and her family went on a journey, and through their travels across 24 countries on 6 continents, they found what they'd been missing. Wisdom. Balance. Connection. Pieces of themselves that had been there all along, but they had to step away from the noise and chaos of modern family life in order to find them again. Today Tracey lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Brian, and their three daughters. She works as a talent development professional, helping others discover their leadership strengths and turn challenges into new opportunities.

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"We're all the authors of every chapter and every page in our books. Only when we take responsibility for our lives will we write the stories we want to read."

Tracey Carisch

from Excess Baggage

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